My Friend Phil

Unfortunately there continues to be a controversy based on whether death after a cancer treatment is actually a death that should be attributed to the cancer, the treatment, or not. Here at The Foundation and Ministry of L.I.F.E., we are less concerned about determining whether the death should or shouldn’t be attributed to the disease or the treatment and much more concerned about irradiating deaths associated with cancer period.

This became apparent to us after our Founder, Dr. Brian Hewlett, lost two close friends to Cancer, Philip T. Makowski in 2016 and most recently Clifford A. Winton II in 2018 and watched the unbearable pain it caused each of them as well as the devastation and financial burden it brought upon each of their families.

As a result, the My Friend Phil Fund was established to assist families hindered by the cost of medical care and treatments associated with brain cancer and other cancer afflicting immediate family members and to support research that contributes to alternative integrative treatment procedures for various cancer afflictions.

The establishment of the fund was greatly motivated by watching as theĀ treatment that was supposed to help, seemingly exacerbated the problem and placed a large financial strain on family resources even with premium health care coverage in place.

The goal of the My Friend Phil Fund is to offer supplemental financial resources to families dealing with this unfortunate experience and to provide fellowships to researchers working to offer alternatives or innovation to current models of cancer treatment. The fund seeks to develop a base of donors from which a source of financial and non-financial resources can be garnered for this purpose by implementing periodic fundraising events in particular communities.

If you, any one you know, or any organization with which you are familiar wishes to support this cause by hosting a My Friend Phil Fundraiser, please contact us atĀ

Those wishing to benefit from the fund should also write us to find out more about how they can apply.