Limitless Access

The Limitless Access Fund was established in 2018 to assist individuals experiencing limitations based on structural and mental barriers in removing them with the help of technology and innovation.

Life has its many challenges! German Theorist Max Weber argued that the opportunities that each individual has to improve their quality of life are different based on the access one has to resources, both tangible ones such as food, clothing and shelter, and intangible ones such as education and health care. Life chances comprise the individual’s ability to procure goods, have a career and obtain inner satisfaction. In other words, the ability to satisfy one’s needs has an effect on how an individual’s life will turn out a certain way. This means that “life chances” or opportunities for a better life are positively correlated with one’s socioeconomic status and that is positively correlated with your ability to achieve things that will lead to opportunity.

Physical and mental disabilities cripple many people from achieving their dreams because of the alternative needs they often require to do so and the unique challenges they face throughout life. By definition, a disability is any physical or mental limitation.  Even with accommodations or tools designed to increase independence and bridge the gap for those with disabilities, which are not always readily available or easy to obtain, people with disabilities are often still posed limits to circumstances relative to others.

Even without a physical or mental disability that causes specific difficulties related to mechanical, mathematical and/or creative abilities or sometimes present problems because of the settings in which abilities are activated, people experience structural barriers based on diffuse characteristics that amount to societal barriers. For example, felons who have paid their debt to society are barred from voting, bearing arms, and particular occupations, which clearly disenfranchises them from societal opportunities that others enjoy and those who have participated in the consumption or possession of cannabis in the past, which is now a legal activity in most states, are still limited in their access to freedom based on those previous activities. An individual’s racial group, gender, and educational level are also limiting in many situations because each of these affords those classified as such differential treatment based on differential social value and different generalized achievement expectations that others hold about their capability.

The establishment of this fund was motivated by the desire to remove as many of these limitations and barriers as humanly possible because our founder is not alone in his whole hearted agreement that regardless of disability, race, color, or creed, people should have access to culture since it is the cornerstone or our human socialization.

The goal of this fund is to generate from a base of donors that hold this belief both a source of financial and non-financial resources that can be used to give individuals an avenue to partner with members of their community to rectify situations that aid in limiting the experience of any cultural situation. Through the fund, individuals can request in partnership with a company or organization a particular amount or type of resource to help rectify limitation through structural alterations, personal augmentation, self training, or community education.

To seek assistance from this fund, please provide the information requested in the PRELIMINARY APPLICATION and a Foundation and Ministry of L.I.F.E. Representative will respond to your request within 48 Hours.

If you wish to contribute to this fund, please browse to our DONATE page to learn about the Contribution Levels.