L.I.F.E. Lessons

Together with Brian Hewlett LLC, The Ministry of L.I.F.E. offers workshops and training sessions featuring Dr. Hewlett and a number of his associates as they travel across the globe to different festivals, conventions, professional meetings, and trade events spreading the message of economic cooperation and collaboration and community self-empowerment.

Supplemented by generous financial and other resource contributions donated to the Foundation and Ministry,  L.I.F.E. Lessons are workshops that merge science with metaphysics, sacred geometry, and other spiritual themes. They are designed to be practical in nature giving listeners the ability to apply information they know or are learning to exercises they can conduct privately to help raise awareness and elevate their own consciousness in an effort to remove personal, social, and structural limitations.

L.I.F.E. Lessons are developed in relation to current issues and broach many topics. The following abstracts summarize the offerings for 2018:

Curing Capitalism with Cooperative Community and Self-Directed Enterprise

    • It is no secret that communities in the U.S. and throughout the world are facing problems that are fueled by corporate capitalism and its profit-driven enterprise. These problems include the ignoring of negative externalities such as pollution and depletion of public and renewable resources and encourage the under-providing of products, goods, services, and resources with positive externalities, such as health, public transport and education. Consequently, a conscious evolution is emerging that promotes the ideology of the community-focused “We” rather than the corporate-focused “I.” Community-focused models that encourage cooperation and collaboration within particular enterprises needed to sustain them are popping up everywhere helping to produce meaningful socioeconomic change that thwarts rather than breeds dependency associated with the corporate-focused model. This lesson discusses the community-focused model and particular examples of enterprises using it that have developed in different parts of the world that are now community self-directed and empowering those involved to take control of the industries they need to survive and transition to a cooperative production and distribution system for the industry production they control. This lesson broaches subtopics that include varieties of existing cooperative economic models, cooperative power blocks, the development of sustainable consciousness, and the fostering of greater empathic egalitarian community relations. This workshop may be of special interest to business leaders, community organizers and grass roots activists.

A version of this lesson offered by Dr. Hewlett and Jacob Altinger at Shamanic Boom Activation 2017 is available for viewing online through his YouTube Channel.

A special version of this workshop that incorporates information about the use of alternative currency systems as a tool to cure our capitalist ills is being facilitated by Dr. Hewlett and highlighted at Lucidity Festival on the first weekend in April 2018.

Harnessing The Quantum-ness of Consciousness

    • Using the principles of Qualitative Field Perception Theory or QFPT, this lesson introduces participants to the quantum nature of the default process of human consciousness by taking participants on a journey through their own mind as the “Observer” and facilitator using algorithms based on the golden mean and other equations to illustrate how humans influence, if not create, moment by moment experiences of their perception. This lesson offers the fundamental knowledge needed to potentially self-direct one’s consciousness and may be of particular interest to sacred geometry fans, meditators, yoga practitioners, quantum physics buffs, and psychonauts.

A version of this lesson offered by Dr. Hewlett at Burning Man 2012 is available for viewing online through his Vimeo Channel.

Sacred Geometric Mysteries

    In Ancient Egypt and elsewhere, sacred mysteries were passed on to only those eligible to receive them through initiations into secret societies known as lodges that were often reserved for clergy, nobility, and societal leaders. Much of this knowledge has been encased in modern day Fraternity, Sorority, and even Masonic Rituals. As time has passed, these secrets have been discovered by common man, making all humankind once again eligible to receive them. The basics of Sacred Geometry were once passed on to the Pharaohs through these ancient societies or often directly from deities, as they believed. In her book “Initiation,” Elisabeth Haich, believes she was once the daughter of a Pharaoh and tells readers of her experience receiving these secrets from the deities Ra and Ptahhotep. In this lesson, many of her teachings are discussed as is the sacred geometric nature of the universe. Some of the geometry is applied to meditation as a method of retaining this knowledge. This lesson may be of particular interest to meditation practitioners, yogis, numerological buffs, and other seekers of sacred mysteries will love this one!

Movements and Music: A Soundtrack of Change

    Music has been central to social change throughout history and it is important to understand how music goes hand in hand with the elements of collective movements that have helped shift the tide of oppression. With the tide of oppression rising in the U.S., this lesson teaches the elements of social movements in conjunction with their musical counterparts. The lesson offers samples of music from different errors that represent social movement strategies, calls for action, and inspiration. People should come to this one ready to sing, dance, and feel!!

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Podcasts of these lessons and other material can be found at the L.I.F.E. Lessons Podcast website or at the official homepage of The Life and Kaos Podcast.