Shortly after becoming involved with a group that has a great set of principles and to whom I credit a lot of my personal growth, I acquired the nickname “Life” based on my personal motto to “not facilitate addiction but to facilitate life.”

A few years later, I received my Doctoral Degree in Social Psychology from the University of Arizona and many of the people in my close circles began to refer to me as Doctor Life. So with a nickname like this, I thought it would be worth insuring that it had some serious and profound meaning. Therefore, I embarked upon a thorough examination of my personal teaching philosophies and devised the acronym L.I.F.E. which represents Limitless Ideas and Free Environments that to this day serves as the underlying principle of operation for the Foundation and Ministry.

Although not always the case, many limitations that hinder us as humans are based in our thoughts and ideas.  Thinking that we are limited is itself a limiting factor and there is accumulating evidence that suggests that our thoughts are often capable of extending our cognitive and physical limits. Consequently, I foster this philosophy because I truly believe that if we can help people with the process of freeing themselves from the limiting factors of their minds, then we can help them create environments of freedom for themselves and for others around them.

In this age of little economic opportunity, ramped unemployment, community safety and security threats, questionable food and water security, corrupt governments, religious and ethnic conflicts, overwhelming poverty, inequality and discrimination, century old wars and conflicts, and the destruction of nature,¬† It’s my belief that a Foundation and Ministry with an empowering philosophy such as this is truly needed.

Our commitment to the community is simple! We want to help empower every individual to be the greatest individual they can be and to help those individuals demonstrate that greatness in the best possible way because every human being, no matter what physical or mental limitations they have, has the potential to do something great for humanity and we truly want to facilitate that.

Join us in the fight to facilitate the greatness of L.I.F.E.!

Best regards,

Brian N. Hewlett, B.A., M.A., Ph.D.
Founder and Executive Director